Spot UV varnishing machine Spotmatic 54


Compact spot UV varnishing machine for jobs up to B2 sheet format
Robust and reliable solution using standard ink-jet technology
Spot UV varnishing directly from digital data via contact-less varnish application onto the sheet by ink-jet printing heads
Fast and easy processing of job with minimum preparation time
User interface on base of standard PC, user-friendly software and comfortable machine operation

Basic configuration

  • Automatic feeder with fixed lifting table
  • Single action Komfi feeding head
  • User selectable sheet registration guide (left / right)
  • 15 ink-jet printing heads
  • Jogging table

Technical description

Spotmatic is a solution for spot UV varnishing of printed output using standard ink-jet technology. This well known technology of spraying drops of ink/varnish directly from digital data enables you fast and easy job processing with low preparation times. All you need is a PDF or TIFF file with selected areas to be printed which corresponds to the printed sheet. The software user interface enables you moving the picture (area to be varnished) in all directions, changing size or modifying a part of the picture in case it does not fully match with the image on the printed sheet. The operation is very easy – just push the button and see the result!

Technical parameters

Parameter Value
Max. speed of varnishing: 20 m/min
Min. sheet dimensions: 23.5 x 24.5 cm
Max. sheet dimensions: 54 x 74 cm
Paper weight: 90-600 g/m2
Processed data format: PDF, TIFF
Varnish spraying technique: ink-jet
Standard resolution value: 360 dpi
Application quantity: 4.5 / 8.1 / 18 g/m2
UV lamp power:
Machine dimensions incl. unloading table (l x w x h): 340 × 127 × 160 cm
Air supply:
Consumption of compressed air:
Power supply:

Note.: Parameters for basic configuration only!
The above mentioned parameters are valid only for the latest model. The technical parameters can change.


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